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Secure Password Generator - Help against identity theft

Create highly secure passwords with our strong password generator

In cyber-security, YOU are still the first line of defense.

Our Secure Password Generator creates strong passwords that make it harder for hackers to crack or guess.

Attackers take advantage of poor passwords to gain control of a users account. According to some documents released by Facebook a few years ago in 2011, the figure was 600,000 accounts per day. (Comments by Facebook PR people mention that this is an upper bound, including every and all kind of "suspicious" activity, including some false positives.)

Just by visiting this page it auto-generates a 16 digit highly secure password that you can copy and use anywhere such as social media accounts, or to strengthen access to your home computer.

DO NOT use the same password for multiple accounts. If a password is compromised, then only that one account would be accessible by the attacker, so take care and generate a new password for each account.

Do any of the following bad password resonate with you?
Your child's name / birthday
Your spouse's name / birthday
Maybe a mixture of any of the above?

They are all easy to crack or guess. Really easy. If an account is compromised, a hacker has access to all your services.

It's always better to use a randomly generated password rather than your name, birthday, city, etc. Most registration forms require you to input a secure password and show you a warning message if the password is too simple, so bookmark this page and pop across to generate a unique strong secure password that you can use for the account. Maybe you want to strengthen existing accounts?

As mentioned in the sub title of this post: In cyber-security, YOU are still the first line of defense.

Secure Password Generator

Amount of characters in passwords (between 8 and 60):